Stunning Powder Room Ideas

Nov 19th

Powder room ideas might be needed for modern living building. Generally, powder room is a small room and a part of bathroom which is consisted of mirror and sink. There is nothing special in this kind of small and narrow room except its function. To beautify powder room, we need some styles to decorate the powder room to be decorative powder room and give more functions but will need to fit to decoration of the bathroom. Thus, you can transform little narrow room become great multifunctional room.

Multifunctional Powder Room Ideas

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Usually, powder room has only two functions, to wash hand in the sink and to make up in front of the mirror. In fact, there are a lot of powder rooms with have such similarity in style, there is no different in design. Actually, with that similarity you can decorate your own powder room, such as mixing two styles and design a creative powder room to create a multifunctional bathroom. The more you try creative decoration, the more you get creative creation.

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How to Decorate Your Multifunctional Powder Room

If the powder room is the room that can be seen by guests, try to decorate the wall with good look and interesting structuring. Using colorful painting might create enjoy sensation. You can put some beautiful ornaments and cute accessories on the wall such as lamp and mini shelf from a shaped wood which can be used for bath stuff such as tooth paste, tooth brush, wax, etc. In some cases, there is nothing under the sink and it means you can have a mini storage for the clean towel and bath towel. Further, you can put laundry bag under the sink, you can garnish or dress your own laundry bag to create a cute laundry bag. Try to decorate as much as you can until you really pleased and proud of your own creativity.