Private Yet Open Air Back Porch Idea

Sep 20th

Back porch idea, isn’t it? What is in your head about this? Imagine it will be in the evening 3rd of July when you back home and realizing that tomorrow is holiday, don’t you want to have a little time to sit on your back porch having a nice lemon tea and almond cookie and spend more time with family? Let’s be sure you want, so we focus on your back porch to make it a place you can stretch your leg after work but still private while you can still smell the fresh greenery air.

Louvered shutters in back porch idea

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As we talk about to keep your privacy in your back porch ideas but still allowing some fresh air and greenery in back ground, you should highly consider to put Louvered shutter on one side of your porch, make sure it will not cover the sunshine, because nothing is better than natural light and seeing the sunset from your own porch, isn’t it? Once you are done installing the full white Louvered shutter syncs with all white back porch England type, now put a set of comfortable couch in grass green color. Another type of couch you can take is Adironack chairs with puffs in washed maroon. Pretty nice, aren’t they?

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Fireplace and back porch combination

You already have vision of this type of back porch ideas. Combining the back porch ideas and pulling out your common room is not a rocket science. Install a brick fireplace sticks to your wall and decorate your private porch, of course with the help of few shadow trees. This country house style indeed opposite from England style we just discussed before, but private back porch ideas can come from some type of house styles. The kind of couch you should set is wooden frame chair with puff, or it can come with bamboo chair. All you have to make sure if that you cover the chair with puffs, especially when you plan to spend the twilight here.