Painted Furniture Ideas for Colorful House

Dec 3rd

Painted furniture ideas are suitable to be used for colorful house. This means that when you have colorful house, this furniture would be the best option. There is some furniture which can be made like this. For the first is cupboard. This would be great if you have cupboard with abstract painting for example. For the second is chair. Wooden chairs would be greater if it is painted.  The paint should depend on the theme used in the house. For the last is cabinet. Cabinet can be made like this furniture. You can make different painting for each box of the cabinet.

Themes used for painted furniture ideas

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There are some themes which can be used by you. For the first is shabby chic theme. This is like Vintage theme. However, this will not have flower pattern. Shabby chic is identic with plain. This means that the furniture will be painted only from the paint. However, this cannot be shown directly. For the second is funky theme. Funky theme here will be brighter than shabby chic. The pattern which is used is so many. There will be more than one pattern. Besides that, the color which is used more than two. All colors used should be the brightest one.

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How to make this furniture?

For the first, you need to have unpainted furniture first. Then, you should make sure that this is good for the painting. In other word, there will not be problem in the painting process. For the second you need to draw the sketch. This is intended to make you are easier in painting the furniture. If you do not like to have a sketch, you can paint it directly. For the last, you can paint the furniture. Then, wait for a minute until it is dried.

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