Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Unique Style

Sep 2nd

Kitchen curtain ideas are the ideas about the curtain for the kitchen. Basically, the curtain for the kitchen is the same as the curtain for windows in living room or other rooms. The thing that makes it different is probably because of the room itself that will affect the design of the curtain. Kitchen is the place to cook the foods, so it’ll be great to have the curtain that suitable with the room style. In this article, we’re going to give some examples of the unique curtains for kitchen from Houzz. Houzz is the popular site that sharing the design ideas about things related to house. In that website, we can see the picture of the design, short review, and you can buy some available products too.

Bistro Kitchen Curtain Ideas

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The first one is the unique curtain that used by Bistro Style Kitchen. Just like its name, this elegant themed kitchen is using bistro style for almost all things in the kitchen including the curtain. The window in that kitchen has space to put the small plants on it with rod at the top part of the plants. The curtain that used in that kitchen is the simple strip style with brown-white-black lines. The interesting part is that you can put the curtain on the rod and you’ll get the typical front roof of café or bistro. They add bulb lamps to get the suitable lights for the bistro themed curtain too.

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French Country Kitchen Curtain

The second one is called French Country. This kitchen is using mainly Orlando theme and all traditional elements for that theme including the curtain. The curtain is using bright theme with colors like red and yellow with ethnic paintings that make the curtain looks unique and great. The curtain is match with the main kitchen theme.