Covered Patio Ideas: Inexpensive, Modern, Wooden Patio

Sep 2nd

Covered patio ideas can be made inexpensively. What does it mean? It means that you do not need to spent more money only for the patio. The design would be normal. The design which is used is not special. However, it is enough if it used for car only. This design would have two boards on the top. Then, there will be three legs of the patio around. This will not have any pattern or anything.  This only needs different color. You can play with the color. You can paint the board so that you will get different look from the patio.

Modern covered patio ideas

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Modern will be different from inexpensive patio. This means that modern idea can be made both for expensive and inexpensive. This is based on what you need. Modern house will have pattern for the patio. In other word, the patio will not be ‘only board’. You can ask for the people to make a patio which has simple design but it will be looked expensive. Besides that, the color which is used is grey. The material which is used for this patio will not only board and wood. There will be transparent glass so that you can look at the sky.

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Wooden covered patio

Wooden covered patio usually use for traditional theme. There will be some differences between modern and traditional patio. Traditional patio is only made from the wood. There should not be material except wood. For the second, the pattern of the patio is made from craving. This will be better for you who are in love with the craving. Craving can be made based on what you want. You can crave your name for example on the wood. This will be unique. Wooden chairs should be used below the patio so that you will get the best look.

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