Backyard Landscape Idea with French Touch

Sep 6th

Backyard landscape idea with some touch from the main design of the whole house is making a better view of your house. Some houses are build in Brunswick County design will have natural sand and beach on its backyard. How about for minimalist house? Still grass, we can be sure. But there will not be so much plantation or bushes. Simply green flat grass and garden light in one point. Don’t you want to try some different backyard landscape ideas for your house? maybe French?

Wine garden backyard landscape idea

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Let’s jump on the French backyard idea. What is very important in French backyard? If you drive by the Southern France you will see farm house with vineyard. Now you can bring this vineyard to you extra space garden out of your back door. Wine garden backyard landscape ideas don’t mean to bring it, literally, so you can change the wine plantation with lush garden combine with lavender, rosemary, and probably some fruit trees. Don’t you forget about the path way in the middle of it to make your backyard looks more beautiful.

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French fountain landscape idea

Still working on the French backyard landscape ideas, let’s take another option. French chocolate! Chocolate fondue kind of fountain in your backyard will be a nice touch. You don’t need the brand new fountain to decorate your backyard. Take old one, as it will give old touch to your garden. Make sure you remember one of the hint of this style is how to make normal tools you find in your house to be beautiful and eclectic combination. So put the fountain, connect the water reservoir and, viola! You have your French style fountain back in your home.

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